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The development trend of magnesium alloy casting industry of our country

Magnesium alloy is the lightest metal structure material, the early 1990 s, the industry developed countries government attaches great importance to the research and development of magnesium alloy. Along with the application block magnesium alloy and the price of two bottleneck breakthrough technology, the rapid increase of magnesium alloy application field. Magnesium alloy is known as the "21st century green engineering material, the time has come for a large-scale development and utilization of magnesium alloy. On magnesium industry development trend in our country the government also gave high attention, ministry of science and technology launched in March 2000 in the early period of the "application and industrialization of magnesium alloy development" strategic studies. According to the international development trend of metal structural materials and the national conditions of our country, has made the project a national "fifteen" the first batch of science and technology development plan launched major projects, the project's smooth implementation, will help to exert the magnesium resources in the west of the upper hand, comprehensively promotes the industrialization of magnesium industry technology level, realize structural adjustment and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the formation of a batch of internationally competitive industry clusters, lay a solid foundation for the leapfrog development of magnesium industry in China. Regarding the movements as an introduction.
(1) the present situation of magnesium industry in China
Matter of magnesium resources in China power, producer and exporter. Magnesite reserves, the highest in the world, about 2.7 billion tons, accounting for 22.5% of global reserves. In addition there are huge reserves in qinghai salt lake, the exclusive cheap high quality magnesium resources in our country. 33 of qaidam basin in qinghai salt lake, a total of 3.15 billion tons of magnesium salt.
At present, the original magnesium production is still the highest in the world, accounts for one-third of global production. Export 2000 national output was 195000 tons (165000 tons), 2001, 2001 tonnes (173000 tons), export, domestic consumption of less than 30000 tons, more than 80% as raw materials for the low-level low-priced exports. Visible magnesium industry in our country belongs to the typical at the expense of resources and the environment at the cost of raw materials, export-oriented industry.
In recent years, many industries in developed countries large metal magnesium production enterprise investment project, predictably, the next few years if our country magnesium continue to give priority to with lower raw materials exports, will face more severe situation.
Domestic magnesium industry there are serious structural contradictions, especially in the original number of magnesium production enterprises, small and scattered, backward technology, serious environmental pollution. Hundreds of production enterprises to export the original magnesium and disorderly competition, heavy discounting which was forced to turn into the many small and medium-sized enterprise YaChan or shutdown state. More than 70 enterprises, of which three annual production more than 10000 tons, more than 3000 tons, 22 about 50 home production between 1000 ~ 2000 tons.
Magnesium processing ability is very weak in our country. Is as early as the late 50 s magnesium die casting industry has already started, we have several ChangDian forestry machinery and tools, pneumatic tools and magnesium alloy die casting. In the early 90 s, in the development of automobile industry, electronic industry, domestic magnesium die casting industry have greater development. The most representative have Shanghai tong auto accessories company production of magnesium alloys used for santana car gearbox shell, annual output of about 3000 tons, with 1100 ~ 1600 t large magnesium alloy die-casting machine 6 units; For 3 c and other ancillary products of magnesium alloy die casting factory mainly gathered in southern China, especially in the pearl river delta. Taking guangdong province as an example, a total of 11 mg alloy die casting factory, die-casting machine of 46. This region from Taiwan and Hong Kong, from funds into, technical support, market development and the participation of governance, such as a full range of pulling, development speed.
According to incomplete statistics, at present China is engaged in production of mg alloy die casting professional manufacturers about more than 20, a total of about 75 units, die-casting machine of cold and hot chamber machine about half of each. In addition of semi-solid magnesium alloy thixotropic 15 injection molding machines. In 2000, less than 4000 tons of magnesium alloy die casting production.
(2) the implementation of the industrialization of magnesium alloy target in our country
"During 15" in the progress of magnesium raw materials quality and variety, magnesium alloy processing complete sets of equipment, magnesium alloy in the traffic and the application of the 3 c product development organizations jointly. Focused on a number of common technology, key technologies and supporting technologies, further explore the new mechanism to meet the requirements of market economy, advance the efficiency and the development and popularization. Built for during the period of "15" of several magnesium alloys in automobile, electronic products dry industrialization base, for the full development of magnesium alloy and industry in China to play a leading and exemplary role.
Considering from the strategic layout, under state and local governments to actively participate in and guide, arouse the enthusiasm of a variety of form of system of ownership of enterprises. Plans to build the application of electronic products base in Qingdao, in the western chongqing, chengdu and other regions to establish the application of traffic products bases, in guangdong, shenzhen and other pearl river delta region to establish export bases. Across the country set up a number of magnesium materials research and development center to provide technical support, provide power for the sustainable development of magnesium industry.
On the whole, through the "fifteen" national "application and industrialization of magnesium alloy development" smooth implementation of major projects and complete, not only can coordinate the development of magnesium industry upgrading and industry to lay a good foundation and the formation of magnesium related high-tech industrial clusters and promote our country automobile, home appliances, communication and electronic information industry upgrading of products, enhance the international competitiveness; And through technical innovation, driving the upper hand of wind resources into industries, in order to make our country by magnesium resources powers into power, to lay a foundation to the west to develop into magnesium products distribution center in the world.
(3) actively and steadily develop mg alloy die casting industry
To realize industrialization of magnesium alloy is a wide range, high technical integration of large system engineering. In recent 10 years, around the world have established a large number of magnesium alloy die casting factory, formed a certain scale of cars and the basis of IT industry group structure of production. Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the aspect of industrialization of magnesium alloy has been went before him, whether in the technology itself, or to organize the implementation of government and industry research plan has accumulated a wealth of experience. In addition, Taiwan and Hong Kong area in the field of magnesium alloy processing and so on market development has a solid strength and good foundation, these are worth our serious study and enlightenment.
The development of magnesium alloy die-casting products and make casting project, due to the strong oxidation activity, metal magnesium easy oxidation and burning; And the electronegativity of the metal is strong, corrosion resistance is poor. On the other hand, the automobile and 3 c products, such as high quality demand of magnesium alloy die casting, strict process control. These factors make magnesium alloy product development high technology content, ask money into more, investment risk is big. If it does not have enough money to support, there is no strong market response capacity change, no high quality technical and management talent is difficult to maintain effective magnesium alloy die casting production. Enterprises should assess the situation, careful analysis of this unit, the actual conditions of the region, to prevent blindness, not a boom, low level repeated, disorderly competition. With enterprise as the main body, the road of combining study, combining the technology innovation and system innovation; According to the market operating mechanism, actively and steadily promote the development of magnesium alloy die casting industry in our country, is facing the development opportunity and challenge of basic countermeasures.





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